Project Description

Two parts guardian angel, one part bulldozer, one part couch potato and a sprinkle of court jester, Aura is a most treasured member of her family. When she is not helping Dad in the garden or excessively sniffing kitty butts, Aura enjoys her weekly outings to agility classes with Mom, parkour classes with Dad or walks at the park with the whole family.

There is seldom any kind of activity around the house that Aura is not a part of. Whether required or not, her eager nose is there sniffing, nudging, licking and ‘helping’ wherever she can. Every member of the household is part of her pack, this includes two cats and a selection of humans that visit often. On warm days you will find her on the couch watching wildlife documentaries and on colder rainy days she is most likely out in the garden honing her keen puddle detection skills or stalking mole heaps.

Aura plays a major part in the upkeep of her pack’s morale and generates abundant happiness in the day to day lives of her humans.