Project Description

My late husband, veterinarian Dr Brian Corcoran and his partners, were consulting vets for Di and Peter Barnard who, from Dutch decent, had several precious Bouvier des Flanders. The following story was related:

Dr Bert van Reenen was on duty one day when Pete came in with one of his dogs, I seem to recall that his name was Shane. Having never encountered a Bouv, Bert asked Pete about them and in reply Pete said “let me demonstrate”. He instructed Bert to examine Shane by looking in his ears with his otoscope, listen to his chest with his stethoscope etcetc, which he did. After this, Pete said, “Step back” and, in Dutch, commanded Shane to “attack” . In Bert’s words: “Ek was amperonder die verf!” and then, again in Dutch Pete commanded Shane to settle and asked Bert to repeat his examination. Bert, heart pounding, shuffled along the floor and hesitantly repeated the exam on the now very calm Shane.

With this and his own experience with Pete and Di, Brian told me that if we ever had the chance to chose a dog, he would like a Bouv. Being a vet, Brian and I had I don’t know how many “second hand dogs” which all were super fantastic. Before meeting Brian I had bought a dog from the Animal Anti Cruelty for my 21st, Jessica. A beautiful story in itself, but so when she died, I contacted the Barnards to help us look for a bouv as a surprise for Brian, out of which we shared our lives with Tom Cruise In Fur, the Blond Bomb Shell, Jean Drew and Pete and Di had his litter mate Zac. Not knowing anything about the breed, I remember sitting in our lounge one day with the now teenage Jean Drew and, seeing how he was growing in leaps and bounds, feared that we would have to move house!

Decades later, Don came into Joie du la Mer’s and my life and shared another love story with this beautiful soul and upon being left without him, Don, now smitten with the Breed made us wait until a Bouv was available to us. Being dog‑less for 8 months, our Boo‑Bear now is sharing our life with all the treasures only known by owners of this wonderful, wonderful breed, the Bouvier des Flanders.